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About Us

Our company, REVITAL TRADE Service Ltd., is evolving trading company, focused on companies operating in the Czech market and trading with companies from abroad. It was founded in order to help companies overcome the loss and absence of traditional trade relations with long-established trading partners of Czech companies.

It utilizes the potential of experienced experts in the field of foreign trade and young, perspective professionals. We always strive for meeting the individual needs of each client and respecting the specific characteristics of each target market and industry.

„ Trade successfully with REVITAL TRADE service “

REVITAL TRADE Service Ltd. utilizes local knowledge and experience gained from operating in the given market. When you decide to work with our company, you will shorten and streamline the market entrance process. The company’s development is supported by traditional and new contacts in a given market and in the required field.


Our company is focused on trading activities between companies within the Czech Republic and Czech firms with foreign companies .

It is aimed at:

  • Import of goods, materials and commodities
  • Export of goods, materials and commodities
  • Internal trade
  • Selection of suitable business partners abroad
  • Sourcing of required materials and commodities from abroad
  • Appropriate introduction of the Czech product to the foreign market

We are ready to actively facilitate sales of goods and services to foreign customers, thanks to our network and local knowledge.

Based on the client’s request, we are able to design and develop a professional presentation of Czech companies abroad, we will prepare a marketing plan, including web presentation, select appropriate business partners, products, services, etc.

REVITAL TRADE business representatives are mainly specialized in trading with China, Russia, Hungary, Germany, France, and South America, as well as with other traditional business regions, always according to the client’s request.


We are able to communicate in a variety of languages as requested and needed.

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